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Solaronics Infra Red Heater from Western Reserve Energy

Providing quality ventilation and heating have been the specialty of Western Reserve Energy for over 40 years across various industries and commercial markets. They are fully dedicated to securing the confidence of the customers by giving various economical and creative solutions that address the specific problems relevant to critical equipment support systems and HVAC.

Solaronics Gas Infra Red Heater

Reducing the overall heating cost by a minimum of thirty up to fifty percent, Solaronics Gas Infra Red heaters Ohio is the key to considerable savings on annual fuel costs. Out of the wide array of benefits offered by Suntube, at the top of the list would be fuel efficient. Delivering up to sixty percent input to the floor, gas infrared heaters creates a floor that’s warmer compared to the air temperature and the ceiling temperature is lower than the air during working levels. Therefore, the cost of fuel is reduced since the facility is heated and the warmest temperatures are not exhausted.

Low Intensity Gas Infra-Red Heaters

Creating heat with the aid of infrared rays, Suntube heaters use a form of energy that’s quite similar to the rays of the sun. With the help of reflectors that focus on the infrared energy, the Suntube converts the heat at it goes through absorptive objects like machines, concrete floors and people. Entire surrounding air is warmed with convection and conduction.

Suntube IV

Using proven system designs, every reflector rotates independently with fully assembled and tested burners. Straight tube or U-tube configuration are available for all low-intensity heaters.

True Dual Modulation

Known to help improve the quality and comfort of indoor air and for lowering operating costs, this energy efficient heater is a favorite. The two-stage operation and gas and air flows which are controlled to provide precise gas and air rations at low and high heat stages.

Stainless Steel Single and Two Stage

Resist corrosive environments and high humidity that comes to swimming pools, car washes and other chemical manufacturing plants. These come with SS tube clamps, SS blower enclosure, mounting brackets and reflectors.

Residential Garage Heater

A residential garage heater is basically a stand-alone system that generates energy saving radiant heat to a wide array of spaces. It provides a comfortable and warm environment in the garage for those that spend a considerable amount of time in garages for projects and hobbies.

High-Intensity Gas Infra-Red Heaters

Single Stage

This kind of infra-red heater saves a lot of energy for comfort heating among other advantages. Durable and compact with innovative design, this is more than capable of reaching high intensity, temperatures within thirty seconds with stable flame.

SunTwin Two Stages

Basically, this two-stage operation is based on a variation of ambient temperatures. It eliminates any excess heat if not needed and is capable of quick recoveries whenever the temperature falls.

Direct Fired Gas DoorJet Heater – Stainless Steel

Stopping the occurrence of wasted energy and chills whenever the outside bat doors are opened in placed like warehouses and plants, DoorJet heaters tempers the in-rushing of cold air which keeps the are comfortable for employees.

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